2014 Boys Fall Session

September 9 - November 9, 2014
(Age Group 1 and Age Group 2)

September 8 - October 25, 2014
(Age Group 3)

(updated 9/17/14, 6:00 pm)

Registration for our 2014 Fall Session has closed as we are at capcity in all practice groups. If you would like to be added to the wait list please email Dawn (email).

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pacific Zone Fall League This Sunday: Rosters, game times, game locations and maps to the pools are now posted below for this Sunday’s Pacific Zone Fall League. Games are for all Age Group 1 and Age Group 2 athletes. We ask all athletes to be in attendance and arrive at the pools no later than 45 minutes prior to the start of their first game for team meetings and warm up.  We will need one parent volunteer per game to help work the desk. If you are available to help, please let your son’s coach know when arriving at the pool.

Please note, all athletes must have a headshot uploaded to their USA Water Polo Membership account, as officials will be doing roster checks prior to the start of each game. In order to participate in the games, and in order to upload a headshot to your son’s USWP Membership athletes must have valid Gold, Silver, or Seasonal-Blue USA Water Polo Membership. We ask all athletes have their headshots uploaded no later than 12:00 pm on Thursday, September 18th so coaches can submit verified rosters and print out membership IDs. Athletes who do not have valid membership will not be able to be added to the verified team rosters and will not be allowed to play. USA Water Polo Trial Memberships are only valid for practice and do not cover athletes for any competitions.

If you are unable to attend the games or if you do not see your son’s name on one of the rosters please email Coach Barnea (email)

Team Gear Order Form: Our 2014 Fall Team Gear Order Form was emailed out earlier today. All Gear Orders must be postmarked by Wednesday, 9/24, as orders will be filled only once this Fall Session. Orders need to be picked up on either Tuesday, 9/30, between 6:20 - 6:40pm, or Wednesday, 10/1, between 6:15 - 6:30pm. If you/your son cannot pick up his gear on either of the above dates/times, be sure to make arrangements for a teammate to get it for you. Please mail all Gear Orders to the PO Box address listed on the Order Form, do not hand order forms to coaches.

Stanford Autograph Day: Join us at the Avery Aquatic Center on Saturday, October 4th at 10:30 am when the #1 Stanford Cardinal take on #10 UC Irvine in their first home conference game of the year. The game will be aired live on the PAC 12 Network and immediately following the game the Stanford Varsity team will be setting up a Fan Fest where everyone will be able to meet the team and get autographs. This is one of the signature events of the Fall that you are not going to want to miss!

JO All-Americans Announced: Congratulations to Harrison Enright (18&U), Will Conner (18&U), Benoit Viollier (16&U), Winston Rosati (16&U), Alexander Nemeth (14&U), Alex Tsotadze (14&U), Nik Caryotakis (14&U), Noah Smith (14&U), JT Kujawa (12&U), Griffin Price (10&U) and Luke Johnston (10&U) on their 2014 All-American recognition.

Academic All-Americans: Stanford Water Polo Club topped USA Water Polo’s 2014 Academic All-American list with 27 boys, 19 of which were recognized for having a GPA of 4.0 or higher. www.goo.gl/ceC8s


Pacific Zone Fall League
Sunday, September 21, 2014

8th Grade A 8th Grade B 8th Grade C 8th Grade D 6th Garde A 6th Grade B
Game Times:9:40 am, 11:20 am
Location: Palo Alto HS
Map: click here
Game Times: 8:00 am, 10:30 am
Location: Palo Alto HS
Map: click here
Game Times: 11:10 am, 1:40 pm, 3:20 pm
Location: Valley Christian HS
Map: click here
Game Times: 12:50 pm, 2:30 pm
Location: Valley Christian HS
Map: click here
Game Times: 4:20 pm, 6:00 pm
Location: Palo Alto HS
Map: click here
Game Times: 1:50 pm, 3:30 pm
Location: Palo Alto HS
Map: click here
Churukian, Andrew
Discipulo, Gabe
Graessle, Jake
Kirk, Dominick
Kujawa, James
Lozinski, Frank
Patterson, Maxwell
Rapperport, Benjamin
Riley, Will
Seymour, Walker
Untrecht, Sam
Vort, Alec
Weigle, Larsen
Aksoy, Berk
Aliaga, Lucca
Ballack, Kyle
DePuy, Finnegan
Enright, Connor
Gran, Cooper
Housenbold, Noah
Marco, Xavier
Plaschke, James
Popescu, Luca
Saunders, Max
Smyth, AJ
Strober, Jared
Tocchini, Steven
Torabi, Ryan
Zamlich, Luke

Bais, Abhimanyu
Byun, Ian
Carragee, Michael
Cheung, Colby
Coates, Tim
Constantz, Dominic
Eichbaum, Joshua
Gormley, Dexter
Harding Bradley, Alexander
King, Jack
Kiss, Rahul
Kovacs, Clark
Mihalko, Alex
Newby, Conor
Russell, Aidan
Tran, Ethan
Trent, Pearson
Vitakis, Christian

Alasti, Javid
Aliaga, Auggie
Baldwin, Henry
Bloom, Lincoln
Chappuis, Bertil
Gallagher, Joe
Gerhard, Nat
Ha, Justin
Harding Bradley, Luke
Komin, Max
Kuyel, Dogancan
Liu, Philip
Ponterio, Christopher
Rossi, Mason
Shah, Amar
Shrikanth, Sanjay
Spunt, Leo
Srinath, Aditya
Barman, Chase
Hilderbrand, Gregory
Irwin, Isaac
Johnston, Luke
Plascshke, Andrew
Price, Griffen
Rohlen, Harrison
Siminoff, Ben
Stephens, Atticus
Swart, William
Tsotadze, Jake
Untrecht, Joe
Vort, Jack
Weigle, Luke
Angelov, Martin
Bukchin, Boris
Chu, Andrew
Giles, Hayden
Hammarskjold, Luke
Heller, Michael
Jergovic, Leo
Kirincich, John
MacMitchell, Connor
Montoya, Gabriel
Murad, Jack
Nikcevic, Nik
ODonnell, Terence
Pasquesi, Theodore
Portugal, William
Sahasrabuddhe, Siddhartha
Seed, Aidan
Seed, Kai
Skinner, Colin
Vergnano, Enzo



Welcome Fall! Please read the information on our upcoming Fall Session below. This session is for boys through age 14 who are not yet in high school. There is no minimum age or skills requirement, however each athlete must demonstrate basic water safety and swimming skills.  (We require that athletes be able to swim 100 yards within 2 minutes and 30 seconds to ensure the safety of all athletes.)

The Fall Session has three divisions based on age, ability level and experience:  Age Group 3, Age Group 2, and Age Group 1, with Age Group 1 being the most advanced group.

Age Groups 1 & 2: Tuesday, September 9 - Sunday, November 9
Age Group 3: Monday, September 8 - Saturday, October 25

Registration for our 2014 Fall Session has closed as we are at capcity in all practice groups. If you would like to be added to the wait list please email Dawn (email).

All athletes must be current members of USA Water Polo (either Silver or Gold Athlete Membership; Splashball membership is not applicable).  To register or renew with USA WP, please visit www.usawaterpolo.org. Your affiliation must be with Stanford Water Polo Foundation, club #570, Pacific Zone (#6).

Early Registration
(submitted by 9/3)
(submitted after 9/3)
Age Group 1 & 2
$695+$25 (equipment fee)
$715+$25 (equipment fee)
Age Group 3
$315+$15 (equipment fee)
$325+$15 (equipment fee)

The equipment fee will go toward the purchase of the balls, hats, goals, shot clocks and game clocks, etc. that our athletes use each session.

25% of the Session Dues Payment and Equipment Fee is non-refundable. The balance is refundable at a pro-rate during the first three weeks of the session. For a refund, please e-mail Dawn (email). Refunds are pro-rated from the day the e-mail is received.

Additional siblings are $40 less than the regular fee.

TWO-WEEK CLUB TRIAL MEMBERSHIP: Sept. 8 – 21 for new athletes only.

How The Trial Works:
 Please email Dawn (email) to request the Trial.
Athletes must complete the normal registration process, including USA Water Polo Membership, before they can participate.  However, if you choose not to continue after the last day of the Trial you must email Dawn on or before September 21st, and you will receive a full refund, less the $50 transaction fee the Club incurs.

If you are new to the sport of water polo, you may use the USA Water Polo Trial Membership. (click here). Per USA Water Polo rules, the Trial Membership is a one time, one week membership which will activate the day the application is signed. If you plan to use this membership, be sure to date the application with the date of the first day of the session, make a copy to submit with registration, and fax the original to USA Water Polo. Because their Trial Membership is good for only one week of practices (no competitions), you will need to register for the Silver or Gold Athlete Membership at the end of the first week if you want to continue the Stanford Water Polo Club Two-Week Trial and, potentially, the remainder of the Fall Session.  

Athletes are assigned by coaches to one of three groups based on age, ability level, and experience.  Water polo ages are based on the year an athlete was born. Please refer to the table below to determine which group your child will most likely be assigned to.
Note: The coaching staff may assign an athlete to a group that does not correspond to his age, but rather his ability level and experience. Although the coaches assign each athlete to a group prior to the start of the session, there may be some changes in group assignments during the first few practices as the coaches assess each athlete's skill and ability level.

Practice groups will be posted on the Practice Groups & Schedule page of our web site by Friday, September 5.


Practice Days
Practice Times
Practice Location
Birth Year(s)
Age Group 3

Monday & Wednesday

6:15-7:45 pm
Avery Aquatics Center,
Stanford University
2004 and younger
Designed for boys ages 10 and younger with little to no previous water polo experience.
Age Group 2
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and select Sundays*

Tues & Thrs: 6:30-8:00 pm

Friday: 6:15-8:15 pm

Sunday: 9:00-11:00 am

Avery Aquatics Center,
Stanford University
2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003
Designed for athletes 8th grade and younger, with varying experience, who are looking to develop a better understanding of water polo fundamentals.
Age Group 1
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and select Sundays*

Tues & Thrs: 6:30-8:00 pm

Friday: 6:15-8:15 pm

Sunday: 9:00-11:00 am
Avery Aquatics Center,
Stanford University
2000 and 2001
Designed for athletes 8th grade and younger who have displayed the ability to play at a high level and have developed a solid base of water polo fundamentals.

*Note: On weekends of Pacific Zone Fall League games, there will be no Sunday practices. Please refer to the Calendar for details.

Pacfic Zone Fall League: Sept. 21, Oct. 5, Oct. 19, Nov. 9 (for all Fall registered Age Group 1 & Age Group 2 athletes)
Game times and locations are yet to be determined and will be posted to our web site and emailed out as soon as the schedules are published. Games will take place in the greater Bay Area.

Turbo Champions Cup Qualifying Tournament: Game times and location TBD (for a select Age Group 1 Team).
Oct. 5

4th Annual Cousineau Cup in Orange County, California October 18-19 (for select Age Group 1 and Age Group 2 Teams)

Turbo Champions Cup in Dallas, Texas(for select athletes only/based on qualification).
Nov. 7-10, 2014.

Please note:
Athletes selected to participate on the Turbo Champions Cup Team or a Cousineau Cup Team will be notified via email.  Upon notification of these teams, each athlete will be required to submit a non-refundable deposit to ensure a spot on the team.

Our Club Calendar shows all practices, competitions, and other Club events. Please check the Calendar on a weekly basis.  We will update the Calendar as soon as information becomes available. 

Information to order Club Gear will be available here by Friday, August 29.

We look forward to seeing you all at practice!